Portable Evaporative air cooler AC-1450

Portable Evaporative air cooler AC-1470
July 4, 2022

Portable Evaporative air cooler AC-1450

Suitable for not very large spaces, this series of Garmayejonoob company products is suitable for places where the water cooler is moved.
Cellulose pads 5090 for more cooling efficiency

Low water consumption/energy grade B/optimal electricity consumption/water consumption up to 20 liters/two years warranty

Product Specifications

Net weight: 24 kg
Weight with water: 80 kg
Approximate amount of water consumption: 10-12 liters per hour
Electric motor power: 90 watts
Consumed voltage: 220 V
Current consumption: 0.86 ampere
Aeration: 1600 cubic feet per minute / 2700 cubic meters per hour
Dimensions: 1152/727/493 mm